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Latest News

We are still having frequent and heavy rain throughout Yorkshire and the river levels are still running very high in comparison to most years.  It looks rather likely that the closed season fortnight in March will be soon upon us and it is difficult to see when we can get out and have a few hours trying for a grayling or two.  Let us hope the new season which starts on 25 March 2020 will allow us to get out and relieve our 'cabin fever'.

The Annual AGM took place on 18 February 2020, held in The Mitre on Station Road, Knaresborough.  A well attended meeting enjoyed a lovely buffet which was followed by a talk and demonstration by Clark Colman, AAPGAI Advanced Instructor and Orvis Guide.  Present Officers were re-elected for the forthcoming year and a variety of new initiatives were tabled and discussed.  Members will shortly be receiving the minutes of the meeting.

Finally a new section has been added to the website - this is about the Kick Sampling that was undertaken last year.  Navigate along the top section of the site and you will come to the new section.