Catch Return - Data Entry help Sheet

New for the 2020 season we have developed an online Catch Return Form.  At the AGM held in February the issue of having an accurate catch return was discussed and agreed by the meeting.  

ALL members are now asked to ensure they complete either this online version (preferred method) or if they wish a paper copy is available. Please request a paper copy from the Secretary, this will be sent as a .doc or pdf file for you to print out.  If a hard copy is needed, again please ask the Secretary. If a paper copy is used please can you send a copy to the Treasurer in September, end of Trout Season, and also at the end of the Grayling season in March.  The data will then be entered into the main site data so an analysis can take place and be presented to members.

An 'Aide Memoire' has been made to help members who may initially have difficulties with data entry.  This will have been sent to all members in the email announcing this new development.  If further information is required please contact the Treasurer who will talk you through the procedure.

When completing the online form certain sections are compulsory and if these are left blank the form will not submit, if you try and are not re-directed to the Home Page the form will highlight the missing or incorrect data in Red.

Thank you to all members for completing this record, it will inform the Club as to how the waters are fishing and also the frequency with which the waters are being used.