Our River Beat

Our Club water stretches approximately 1.3 miles from its easterly boundary to the top westerly edge.  We have single and double bank fishing with good access to all areas..

The map below, together with the photographs taken recently following the erection of new signage, gives a clear indication of what to look for in terms of where our beats starts and ends.

Briefly the End of Beat areas are:

Right Hand Bank facing Upstream -

Easterly End - Where there is a fence running North/South and a Woodland Trust sign depicting the start of the Nidd Gorge.

Westerly End - we have approx 40m of right hand bank access facing upstream of Burgess Bridge, our End of Beat sign is clearly visible as you walk up the path. This area is overgrown and little access can be gained to the river.

Left Hand Bank facing upstream -

Access is gained having crossed Burgess Bridge and the lower end is reached having walked the path downstream until the path begins to climb up the Gorge away from the river..  Our End of Beat sign can be seen looking down stream at the point where the path starts to move away from the river's edge.

From this lower end we have good access to the majority of the bank side until a stile is reached further upstream. There are quite a few boarded walking sections on this beat.  There is a section that is difficult to reach where the path climbs away from the river and we advise members not to venture down the steep edge of the gorge. The End of Beat sign is to be seen when facing the river at the stile.


Entrance to Top Gate and Car Park Entrance