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River Fishing - such fun

Following our successful River Sampling Day the Scouts had a final session of Fly Dressing, once again, led by David Hild.  The young lads are really becoming very proficient and were soon able to tie nymph like imitations during the session.  

As this was the final Fly Dressing session David had brought along a prize for the Scout who had tied the best fly on the night.  Competition was intense as the lads raced again the time barrier to complete a really well tied fly.  In the judging at the end of the evening it was Isaac who received the prize.  Very well done to him but also to all the lads who made such an effort.  Matthew gained a special mention as he had shown most improvement over the sessions  together with Thomas - it was noted that they were also the most willing to help others who were finding certain tasks difficult.  Matthew had mastered the skill of using only his fingers to produce a whip finish on his flies and he was able to use this new found skill to help others overcome difficulties in the difficult process.  Well done to him.


Left to Right   Ben - Matthew - Isaac - Charlie - Will - Thomas

at the final judging stage


  ........ and after all their hard work and preparation we went down to the river.


The long awaited and much anticipated day finally came on 11 July 2021.  All 6 scouts plus their Instructors, Leigh Fidell, Jeff Metcalf and Mark Gambles were soon all kitted up for the day to begin.  Paula Child, Scout Leader, was also keen to be involved and soon had her waders on and a rod set up.  Helping the day go smoothly was Ian Wynn and Club member Chris Stevenson.

Leigh led the session showing the lads the techniques to use to present a fly on running water.  His enthusiasm soon got the better of him with a really good take from a "Tree Fish" - it is not only us mere mortals that do this.  It all went to show the lads that good observation and awareness of one's surrounding are key factors in fishing, whatever discipline is chosen.

Then the group split up and fished various pools and riffles with our instructors moving around the pairs to give all the best range of advice and hints and tips to follow.



















Soon enough a loud shout went up "Fish ON" and Will, on the left, had set his fly into a a quality Grayling.  Soon after Isaac, on the right, was almost taken by surprise when a huge Chubb came up and engulfed his Klinkhammer.  A massive fish well into the 3lb mark.


The group were all excited by their successes and were desperate to catch.  As is often the case excitement leads to misadventure and young Thomas proved why we had ensured all the lads had self inflating life vests!!  He was soon changed, his life vest recharged, waders dried over lunch and he was back in action for the afternoon session.

All too soon the afternoon session had to be drawn to a conclusion. 4 of the Scouts had managed to catch and net a fish, an admirable achievement given that this was their very first venture into river fly fishing.

Further sessions will follow over the summer prior to the programme conclusion and presentations to be held on 30 September 2021.  6 young lads who have never once sought out their mobiles at any stage of the various events, all have been fully engaged in what they have been doing and wanted to do their best - WHAT more could anyone, parents, instructors or members of the community ask of the youth of today.  The prospects for their futures are numerous and exciting; we are sure that fly fishing will feature in their lives and activities.

A Huge Well Done to one and all - Thank you

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