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    Welcome to the New Year and another Chapter in the life of AJS FlyFishers

For the first time in the Clubs history our Annual AGM is having to be held virtually - what a shame we cannot all meet again in The Mitre, such a good place to come together and share our 'fishing stories - large and small' with each other over a pint and some good food.  

We do still intend to have business matters agreed and Secretary Paul Leng and Treasurer ian Wynn have produced the necessary papers of facts and figures which have been sent to all members.  This has been well received by members, many of whom have responded with their thoughts, suggestions and offers of support.  A big thank you to those members who have already paid their subscriptions for the new season, it is good to see such a positive response.

One new initiative the Club has published and scheduled for this year is the start of 3 year programme to engage with the youngsters of Knaresborough.  Working with the local Scout Group a scheme has been developed that will engage with 6 youngsters each year and involve them in all aspects of fly fishing - from introduction and use of the basic equipment in stillwater and river fishing, but also work involving Bio-diversity and Entomology through river sampling; additionally they will have the opportunity to develop skills in Fly Dressing. A truly wide ranging and involved programme held over the Spring and Summer.

The Club are grateful for the support offered by our good friend Leigh Fidell, an Advanced AAPGAI Instructor who will lead the sessions related to fly fishing equipment and fly fishing; to member David Hild who will lead the sessions on Fly Dressing and Paula Child, Scout Leader, who will lead the sessions on River Sampling and Bio-diversity.  Club members have also offered their support to act as mentors to the children when the actual fishing is taking place.

We would also like to express our thanks to the Angling Trust who have agreed to part finance the project from the Angling Improvement Fund, which reinvests a share of Fishing Licence income to improvement projects and activities at fisheries. The Fund is administered by the Angling Trust and supported by the Environment Agency.  Local businesses Essential Fly and Semperfli have also generously supported the project by providing fly dressing materials free of charge.  We must also thank Orvis Harrogate for the ongoing support in helping the Club develop into a very vibrant and forward looking one.  National suppliers Glasgow Angling Centre have also help in discounting items needed for the Youth programme to go ahead.

So all we need now is the R-rate to continue to reduce, the vaccine programme to continue and the pressure on the NHS to subside and we can hopefully have a near normal season.

The Catch Return Page has been updated and is ready for your returns in 2021.  Please ensure you have registered on the site, only needs to be done once, and then you can fill this in after each visit.

Finally a warm welcome to those  new members who have been waiting patiently on the waiting list, we hope you have a really good season with the Club.  If there is anything you wish to bring to our attention please do let us know.