A Lot Has Taken Place

In this section of the website we try to let our visitors and members know about the latest news and activities of the Club.

Unlike previous years we have not had any working parties to focus on riverside improvements.  These are still good and fishing is not compromised but there are some areas where our usual TLC is being missed.  The ongoing nature of the Covid Pandemic and our wish to ensure we do not compromise members health has put these on hold.  However as most, if not all members, will by now have been 'double jabbed' we may be able to reconvene towards the end of the season for such work.

Stocking the river presented an unforeseen difficulty - on the evening prior to the agreed date our Treasurer had a phone call to say the truck had broken down and therefore we could not go ahead.  That was the last we heard from the company despite numerous attempts to make contact.  All was not lost and an alternative supplier was found and on 7 July we stocked the river throughout our beats with a total of 200 lovely and fit brown trout.  Members have already had the pleasure of netting a few of these hard fighting fish.

The Woodland Trust have continued to improve the surrounding areas of the riverside, new paths have been laid on the south side of the river below Burgess Bridge and extensive clearing above the bridge has also been completed.  This has really improved the environs for both the general public and also our members.

On the 'Walk the Beat" session held for our new members much of this work was still being completed and at that time it showed what a difference it would be making.  On this session we had 10 members, some who had missed out the previous year and all were grateful for the lengthy tour and explanations offered about all sections of the river.

The Youth Project has been a major initiative for the Club.  The programme has developed well and specific reports about the activities we have completed are detailed below.  

Members will notice that near the lower section of our beat a tree has fallen across the river.  The Environment Agency has met with us and the tree will be removed prior to the autumn period.  However, through operational difficulties this work cannot be completed as soon as both we and the EA would like.  It does however only slightly impede our fishing so we ask members to bear with us until such time as the EA can complete its removal.