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AJS FlyFishers acknowledge those members and non members who have gratefully given their consent to pictures and video clips being used on our web site.

The music used on the video clips is acknowledged from the following source, the web address listed gives details of the licence and terms of use:

Our thanks are expressed for the use of this music.


The vast majority of photos and and all videos have been taken by Ian Wynn.  If any member wishes to have access to these please contact Ian who will gladly supply you with high resolution copies.

Privacy and Data Policy for our website

The data AJS FlyFishers collects and uses for administering this website is limited to the following aspects:

Email address, Forename, Surname.

This Data is used to control the access to the Members Only section and content of this section of the website.  No other use is intended or made other than for this purpose.  Members sign up to the use of the Members Only Section without obligation. 

The purpose of the Catch Return Data that we will hold is solely for the Clubs use in analysing frequency of fishing the water, catch rates and typical weather conditions during the fishing period.  Additional data relating to flies used, water levels and additional comments, is again a non compulsory element but one that over a period of time will build up a picture of what works best and when when fishing our waters.  

At the end of the season the data file is exported as a CSV file to enable an analysis to take place.  The data within this file is available to all members on request and it will be used by the Committee to enable them to present an analysis of the fishing of the waters at the AGM meeting held in February.

At the conclusion of the season (March) any member who has not renewed their subscription will be removed from the files, all data pertaining to their membership will be erased.

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