Kick Sampling 2019 Season

Peter Welsh and Paul Leng undertook 3 kick sampling sessions during the 2019 season.  This provided us with indicative summaries of river life in our beat of the River Nidd


Sampling the river bed just below the bridge



A standard size net is used for all sampling procedures.  Here Peter is examining the contents following a 1 minute of sampling activity.  Initially the contents are washed within the net prior to being transferred to the holding bucket.



Once in position the net is placed onto the river bed and then a 'shuffling' or 'kicking' of the river bed is undertaken whilst slowly moving up stream during the minute the sampling is taking place.
This ensures a larger section of river is covered and hopefully this produces a variety of specimens to be examined.
The procedure is then repeated in different locations, subsequent sampling later in the year will try and ensure the same locations are used to enable comparisons to be made over the year and from year to year as we build up a data base of information.


Once the 3 One Minute samples have been gathered then the more difficult task of sorting and identifying each specie is undertaken.  The use of a standard size net is to ensure that there is comparability between each separate sample on the day as well as throughout all samples taken during the year.



Having sorted the sample into broad categories Peter and Paul then spend time examining each invertebrate to correctly categorise it prior to recording the results.  These can been seen below for the three samples taken during 2019



Cased Cadis                   12
Uncased cadis                 3
Mayfly                             10
Flat Bodied Heptagenid   3
Stonefly                            4
Olives                               3
BWO/Shrimps                  0
Minnows                           7
Leech                                1
Bull Heads                        0
Stone Loach                     0

IMG_2359 (1)_edited.jpg


Cased Cadis                   15
Uncased cadis                 7
Mayfly                             16
Flat Bodied Heptagenid   3
Stonefly                            1
Olives                              20
BWO/Shrimps                  0
Minnows                           0
Leech                                0
Bull Heads                        1
Stone Loach                     0



Cased Cadis                    5
Uncased cadis                 1
Mayfly                              1
Flat Bodied Heptagenid   1
Stonefly                            2
Olives                               0
BWO/Shrimps                  0
Minnows                           1
Leech                                1
Bull Heads                        0
Stone Loach                     1



A 10 minute video showing the kick sampling process as carried out by Peter Welsh and Paul Leng is available for you to view.  Unfortunately the file size of the video is too large for this to be embedded within our web site so please use the link above to download the video from the web.
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