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The current position regarding membership is that for the 2024 season numbers have reached our limit of 45 members.  We do have a waiting list that our Secretary maintains and each year those at or near the top gain membership.  Please complete the necessary details on the 'Contact' form on this website to have your name put on the waiting list.

The subscription is a catch at just £120 per annum, with no joining fee.

 Winter grayling fishing provides the opportunity for year-round fishing, and members are permitted to take a guest with them at no extra charge.

 Despite this, the river is not overcrowded: it is rare to find more than one or two anglers fishing, and more often than not you will have the river to yourself.

 AJS Flyfishers is a friendly club: new members are made most welcome and either the Chair or Secretary makes time available to walk the beat and show new members the car parking and access points.  If new members wish then we are only too willing to find time to share a day on the water.

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