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AJS FlyFishers & 1st Knaresborough (Castle) Scout Group

The programme began in earnest with a Fly Dressing day held in the Scout Hall.  This was the first time the Scouts met as a group for this project and with tutor David Hild at the helm we were soon underway with the boys all taking a very key interest in the techniques and procedures to dress a fly.  

After a introductory demonstration the boys were back at their own tying stations to begin dressing their first fly.  Progress was good as the pictures below show.  


David Hild Demonstrating


Thursday 29 April was the first of the evening sessions when the boys came together to learn how to tie 4 of the basic knots they would need.  This session was led by Ian Wynn and with the aid of some help sheets and various demonstrations they all achieved success with all of the knots attempted.  Scout Leader Paula Child also made good progress!!!

Soon it was the most eagerly awaited day - Sunday 2 May 2021.  The boys all met at their local school as we were to begin the Casting and Rod Management session on grass.  Two Angling Trust Level 2 Coaches, Mark Gambles and Jeff Metcalf were to lead the session and we were blessed with a lovely Spring day and warm sunshine.

The boys were soon able to master the overhead cast and the session ended with them all attempting to place their fly (piece of wool at this stage) into a hoop - a difficult challenge for even an experienced angler.  Mark finished the morning with a humorous session on fish types, his style and witty delivery going down very well the boys.

A short drive to Maran Lakes and the afternoon session was soon underway after a group chat over lunch.  The boys really beginning to gel together and interact with their instructors.


Mark Gambles demonstrates the Roll Cast to the Scouts at Maran Lakes

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