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Summary of Activities

The second Session for the lads was held at Kilnsey Trout Fishery in North Yorkshire where our Coaches Jeff Metcalf and Mark Gambles continued with their excellent tuition in the skills of casting and fishing.

The day was facilitated buy our good friend Leigh Fidell who is Fishing Manager at the facility.  With their instructors help and guidance all the boys were able to catch a fish which put a huge smile on their faces.

Many techniques and skills were being learnt and by the end of the session all the boys had become more confident in their abilities at Fly Fishing.  It was particularly pleasing to see that even when the going was tough owing to the very hot and sunny day we had they all stuck to the task.  Parents also seemed to have enjoyed their day, some staying locally and enjoying the facilities on offer at the venue whilst others took the opportunity to explore and walk in the area.


Team Knaresborough 

Back Row - Mark Gambles, Leigh Fidell, Paula Child, Jeff Metcalf, Ian Wynn

                      Front Row - Thomas, Charlie, Matthew, William


On Sunday 6 June the group met again - this time down at the Nidd Gorge where they were joined by Club members Paul Leng and Peter Welsh who, together with Paula conducted a River Fly Sampling exercise.


Having examined the invertebrates found in the River Nidd the lads have now moved on to tying flies that would typically be used to catch the brown trout or grayling found in the river.  Three evening sessions have been structured with Club Member David Hild leading the sessions.  The first fly was a real challenge - a KLINKHAMMER - pleased to report that all had success by the end of the session - WELL DONE LADS.  In Mid July the boys will have their next tutored session in River Fishing.  No doubt there will be  even bigger smiles on their faces..

The next update will cover the results of the fly tying and also the day spent river fishing.

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