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They Think it's All Over - well - not for those who now have Junior Membership!

Another great year for the programme drew to a conclusion in July.  The final session held down at the river was a 'Family Day' where Mums and Dads joined their child to experience at first hand what they have learnt and become proficient at.  The fun day was enjoyed by all.  The following Wednesday the Presentation Evening was held and all those who had completed the course received certificates and also themed prizes.  The top award went to Isla Brindley who had shown throughout the whole programme that she was a skillful and determined young lady who wanted to get the most out of the programme and to learn as much about all aspects of fishing as possible. She not only received a beautiful hand made fly box and selection of flies but also a rod and reel, gifted by our Chairman Robert Craig, so she has a wonderful start to her fishing life.  After completion of the programme all involved are offered free Junior Membership annually until they become 18.  It is pleasing to see that 2 of this year's cohort are already making the most of this opportunity and fishing regularly. Enjoy the pictures and video below


In addition to all the Scouts receiving awards a special award was given to Mark Gambles, Angling Trust Youth Development Officer and Level 2 Coach, for his continued support and help he provided over the three years of the programme.  Mark is seen here accepting the award, a hand made fly box with some home tied flies, from Sally Sterne and Ian Wynn.  On the right is Isla who won the Award for Most Competent and All Round Angler.  Well done to both.

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