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Cohort 2 - Summary of what we have done so far

Our second group of volunteer Scouts are drawn from a wider area than the first cohort which all came from 1st Knaresborough (Castle) Group.  This has created the opportunity to offer the programme to a wider range of Scouts from North Yorkshire.

Our group this year has a wide spread of ages with the youngest just 11 years old to 2 who have now turned 18.  The programme has once again been attractive to Mums and Dads and this year we have also been able to offer the whole range of experiences to one of the Mums, Susi. She has been fully involved in all aspects and proved to be a good fly dresser in the early sessions.

Prior to the group beginning the River Fly Sampling Activity they all had to undertake a Safe Wading Exercise.  Here Ian Wynn provides instruction with David Hild in the background just in case there was a slip or fall.  The boys all completed the task but did comment that they found the force of the water quite astonishing and were grateful to have not only a wading staff but also the security of a Life Vest.

Above to the right Peter Welsh demonstrates some of the techniques required to take a good sample from the river.

IMG_9274 (1)_edited.jpg

A number of sessions were held in the Scout Hall to allow the group the time to learn and develop the range of skills needed to dress a fly.  David Hild once again provided the instruction and his demonstrations were, as always, of a very high quality.  The lads were soon underway and as can be seen here the level of concentration is very high.  These are not easy skills to acquire but soon the lads were all producing quality outcomes that they have since gone on to use and catch fish with.  Great work - Well Done to you all.


Kilnsey Trout Fishery

The group had their first Still Water Session at the above fishery with support from Leigh Fiddell , who manages the facility, and our excellent coaches Jeff Metcalf and Mark Gambles.

It was good to see the lads getting to grips with casting techniques and how to present a fly.  Not all found success but they all stuck to their tasks on what was a very hot day.

Not to be outdone, mum of one of the lads, Susi showed us the way to success with this lovely hard fighting rainbow.  Well done

My First Fish

Here Louis has not only roll cast and presented his fly well but had a solid hookup on the lower lake at Kilnsey.

For his very first fishing experience with a fly rod Louis did very well in controlling the fish and bringing it to the net unaided.

His elder brother was fishing on the adjacent platform and not to be outdone he too hooked and netted a lovely blue trout which gave him a good fight before it was safely netted.

More information is available by selecting the Second Cohort 2 Tab at the top of the page.

Update at Close of Play

The programme continued along the same lines as we had followed the previous year.  The highlights were again the river fishing days.  These are always challenging but the very low water encountered throughout the summer made them even more difficult for the scouts.

Without exception they all continued to give the experience their best efforts and by the final session, the Family BBQ, they were all showing great skill in both the handling of the tools of the trade but also in how to read the river and techniques to use to try and catch a fish.

The final session was a Presentation Evening when Sally and Pippa Sterne, our Reparian Owners presented awards to all who had attended.

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