BBQ and Master Class 2019


Format of the Day

Our Annual Social, BBQ and Master Class has proved very popular with members over the last 2 years.  The event runs from 13.00 until around 19.00 or later as members often choose to carry on fishing and applying those techniques covered during the Master Class.

Our Club is very lucky having 2 AAPGAI Advanced Instructors as members, Clark Colman and Leigh Fidell; together they presented a wide range of techniques and information on various topics during the afternoon session.  This year it was BMW's all the way!  Not that they had any wheels - BMW stands for - Bends - Mends - Wiggles when presenting a dry fly.

During the afternoon a luxurious BBQ, with salads is enjoyed by all. This is followed by members and guests tucking into a range of deserts -  a highlight for many.

Our Summer Raffle is drawn by our Honoured Guest and Riparian Owner, Sally Sterne during the afternoon and this year the Club was very fortunate to have some very good prizes donated for members.

Another attraction is provided by another of our members, David Hild, a member of the Fly Dresser's Guild, who sets up a small tent to demonstrate the fine art of fly dressing.  Members, or even their grandchildren, are encouraged to have a go.

This social event when members, their wives, partners or friends come together to meet and share ideas is another strength of our dynamic Club - AJS FlyFishers.

Enjoy the photographs below which show members and their guests enjoying the day during the afternoon.


Photos of the Day

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